Every order comes with a minimum of 2 pizzas. By request, we now offer an option to double your subscription size. State the process by deciding on a single order, subscription, and subscription size. We offer subscriptions in month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month intervals.


After you decide on your order, add it to your cart, checkout, and that’s it! It’s that easy to start receiving unique pizza once a month!


Your pizza is delivered right to your front door. It's that easy to entertain your guests with a pizza everyone will love!


We grew up in the South, and like you probably do in your community, we shopped at the grocery store.  As a result, we had access to whatever it was they carried in the frozen pizza aisle.  Those pizzas are good sure but aren’t you a little sick of them?  We were.  So we decided to look for an option to get unique frozen pizzas sent to us and found out the only way to do that was to pay $50 a pizza, from a restaurant, that we honestly didn’t know if we could trust or not, which is when we formed Flight Pizza.  We source the best unique pizza from pizza manufacturers around the country that are closely regulated by the USDA and FDA to ensure we’re sending not only unique pizza but pizza we feel confident eating in our house.  We send those pizzas from New York, St. Louis, Detroit, or Chicago, to homes around the country once a month. 

We send frozen pizza from manufacturers all across the country and both the styles and flavors very from month to month, so far we’ve sent pizzas from New York, Detroit, and St. Louis with toppings ranging from pepperoni to bacon to chicken.

Short answer: pizza, long answer: there are a lot of great frozen pizzas out there that aren’t available in your local community, we’ll send them to you

Manufacturers are closely regulated by the USDA and FDA and ensures that we’re sending great and safe pizzas.

We ship by the first Tuesday of the month.

We currently ship to 10 states, from California, to Washington State, up to Connecticut.

 Hard to beat Provel cheese!